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ScamSafe is a trueCall project that delivers talks to community groups around London and the South East of the UK, warning about the danger of scams.

The talks cover doorstep crime, telephone scams, postal scams and cyber scams.

The talks are delivered to groups of 50 – 100 people by Sgt Les Jackson (ret.). Les has run over 120 similar events for the Metropolitan Police when he was a serving officer, helping over 16,000 people stay safe from scams.

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Over the last year we have run a number of events, including:

- The Greenwood Centre (Hampton Hill)
- The White House (Hampton)
- The Caring Centre (East Sheen)
- Santander (Sheen)
- The Sheen Medical Centre (Sheen)
- The Exchange (Twickenham)
- Twickenham Golf Club (Twickenham)
- York House (Twickenham)
- Whitton Community Centre (Whitton)